Put Your Community First

We are here to help organizations and agencies provide targeted, community-led solutions to address health disparities in local communities. We believe you can use the Global to Local model to address and adapt to the needs of your community.

A New Model for Community-Led Health

Over the last six years working in Washington communities, Global to Local has developed our concept into a model for replication.  Our model can adapt to any community and can be summarized in five essential elements:

  1. Listen.

    We value communities as experts on their local environment. Engaging community as well as local organizations and institutions ensures true community ownership. Through relationships, successful pilots are transferred to local organizations, generating community power and resilience. Listening is a crucial first step and continues through the entire process.

  2. Scan.

    We gather best-practices and research from around the world to be assessed as potential program material in addressing community needs. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

  3. Design.

    Strategies are adapted through a co-design process involving community feedback and buy-in from local institutions. Designing in partnership is essential to a successful strategy.

  4. Test.

    Impact is tested through evaluation metrics and community feedback. Adjustments and modifications are made during implementation. Programs are tested to ensure solutions are effective.

  5. Replicate.

    We share our knowledge and provide expertise to institutions, community based organizations, government agencies, and community groups. Starting from deep listening, our model and programs can adapt to all communities.

How We Partner Together

Global to Local staff will contribute expertise, grounded in tried and tested programs, to your organization. We will assess your community’s need and apply each step of the community led G2L model to best address the health concerns impacting your community. Each partnership is adapted to the needs of the organization and the local communities.

Services provided include in-depth community needs assessment, program selection and design guidance, trainings, implementation assistance and more. Whether we are providing program implementation assistance or a full-spectrum needs assessment, our partners will always get the full G2L model, guided by our core principles of partnership.

Services - How We Partner Together

Core Principles of Effective Partnership

Services - Core Principles
Collaborative: Work jointly with your organization’s staff to identify underlying needs and long-term goals of the project.

Adaptive: Stay adaptive in both engagement and design, recognizing that flexibility may be needed.

Accountable: Create mutual agreements and draft a work plans that outlines specific actions and responsibilities.

Results-driven: Identify measures that indicate improvements in program and track those measures to prove that they had real, measurable results

Our services are offered at either an hourly rate or as full-service contracts, customized according to projects and assessed needs.