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Researchers, health care professionals, institutions, organizations, and community leaders need to work together to improve health in all communities across the United States. We are creating a learning community where anyone can learn about the applications of global health strategies to eliminate health disparities. This is a space for collaboration, partnerships, and sharing.

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Global Learning for U.S. Primary Health Care: A Resource and Implementation Guide, 2021

The guide includes a series of change concepts, an organizational self-reflection tool, and a list of activities to support incorporation of ideas from abroad to improve health and health care in the U.S.

Global to Local: A New Model to Improve Community Health

Overview of the G2L model, including history and underpinning global health strategies.

The Task Force on Global Advantage Report

The Task Force on Global Advantage explores how the United States can improve community health by applying global lessons.

Social Rank: A Risk Factor Whose Time Has Come? Tobias. The Lancet, 2017

Strategies to minimize the impact of social hierarchy on health.

Landscape Assessment, Bringing Health to Local Communities... Prepared for G2L by PATH, 2017.

This review summarizes some of the most effective interventions from global health and their potential applications to improve health in low-resourced US populations.

The Influence of Community Health Resources…Vries & Pool. PLOS ONE, 2017

This review proposes that the roles and interests which support community health work should emerge directly from the way in which health is organized at the community level.

Bringing Global Health Home

This article, published in the Annals of Public Health, details Global to Local's testing of successful global health interventions in SeaTac and Tukwila.

Cultures of Engagement: The Organizational… Bloemraad & Terriquez. Elsevier, 2016

Attention to the civic infrastructure of community-based organizations advances frameworks for understanding health cultures.

Short Term Global Health Experiences and…Loh, et al., Globalization and Health, 2015

Proposes a framework that encourages partnership models in programming which can address questions of ethics, responsibility, and potential harms to receiving communities.

Strategic Partnering to Improve Community…Naimoli, et al., Human Resources for Health, 2015

Proposes that strategic partnership between communities and health systems on simultaneously implemented strategies may accelerate progress in improving CHW performance at scale.

Health in All Policies: A Guide…Rudolph, et al. American Public Health Association and Public Health Institute, 2013

This guide is geared toward state and local government leaders who want to use intersectoral collaboration to promote health environments.