Founded in 2010 through a partnership of Swedish Health Services, HealthPoint, Public Health Seattle & King County, and the Washington Global Health Alliance, along with the Cities of SeaTac and Tukwila, our approach recognizes that access to good health is dependent on factors such as economic opportunity, education, and language and job skills.

G2L is piloting approaches to improve individual and community health outcomes, lower health care costs and empower economic development in two of the most diverse and underserved communities in King County –SeaTac and Tukwila, Wash. The long-term goal is to design a sustainable model of care for communities around the country that face similar health and economic disparities.


SeaTac/Tukwila Fast Facts

  • SeaTac/Tukwila is one of the nation’s most diverse communities – from language and cultural background to country-of-origin, and socioeconomic circumstance

  • Although King County is one of the wealthiest regions in the country, SeaTac/Tukwila has twice as many people living below the federal poverty line and far higher mortality rates than the rest of King County

  • There are more than 70 distinct ethno-linguistic groups in the Tukwila School District, and this is just a sampling of the broader SeaTac/Tukwila community

  • A recent survey in the Tukwila School District found that 17 percent of all kindergarten students in the district are homeless

G2L Fast Facts

  • To date, the initiative has touched more than 10,000 community members

  • To-date G2L has employed Community Health Workers representing a variety of languages and cultures including: Burmese, Eritrean, Latino and Somali; more than 30 Community Leaders have worked with G2L to date

  • G2L launched nearly 10 community programs since 2010, including remote diabetes management, community health screenings, culturally tailored physical activity programs and more 

  • A growing number of community partners and sponsors such as Accenture, AT&T, Bartell Drugs, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Novo Nordisk, Seattle Foundation, Starbucks and Washington State University continue to support G2L’s ongoing work in the community

An overview of G2L is also available in PDF here.